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    Urban Innovations + Platform Thinking + Media Artistry

    JT Singh Labs designs and launches innovative global engagement assets for cities and urban innovators worldwide. Pushing the boundaries of transformative technologies: cloud, social and mobile for the purpose of productively upgrading the quality of life and environmental health of urban areas.

    We work with clients and partners all over the world.

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    We Create BIG online experiences that equate to real global impact.

    With internal R&D capacity, we are able to consistently stay ahead of the creative world to pioneer elegant projects that generate long-term global influence for cities and organization world-wide.

    Selected Projects:

    Walk In Shanghai

    Shanghai, China

    Invest Fuzhou

    Fuzhou, China

    This is Shanghai


    Enter Pyongyang

    Pyongyang City

    Elegant Strength

    Vilnius City

    Toronto Spice


    Tourism Infographic


    Heritage Showcase

    Shanghai Expo Area

    Investment Attraction

    Toronto Region

    Tiny Times Film


    Engaging Wall

    Shanghai Expo Area

    Entertainment District

    Downtown Toronto

    Bike Art Installation


    Liberty Village District


    Little India District


    Launching late 2015.

    JT Singh Labs is currently working with city-regional governments and urban pioneers around the world to develop a portfolio of strategic interventions that can exponentially upgrade the urban world. The starting point of this work is our City of Humans Platform launching late 2015.

    Information is power, but like all power, there are those who want to keep it for themselves.

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    Our clients aka partners are among the world’s most prominent and progressive public sector organizations, and include the city of Shanghai, Toronto, Fuzhou, Tokyo, Tianjin, Vilnius and numerous other cities and communities allover the world. With innovative storytelling, our projects guide the global community towards better knowledge and understandings of cultures, economies, policies, climate solutions, sustainable urban initiatives and other urban stories worth spreading.

    Clients commonly come to us for:

    • Tourism Attraction
    • Attract Chinese Tourists
    • Attract Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)
    • Cultural Development
    • Place-of-Origin Effect
    • Branded Masterplanning and Architecture
    • Branded Infrastructure
    • Talent Attraction
    • We help clients to attract more tourism arrivals to: towns, cities, provinces, countries, museums, resorts, commercial districts, scenic areas, cultural parks, art districts, etc.

      Millions of locations are competing for tourists for economic development and job creation. We help to implement high impact solutions for locations to gain a competitive brand image and global magnetism.

    • We help clients attract more Chinese tourists to: towns, cities, provinces, countries, museums, resorts, commercial districts, scenic areas, cultural parks, art districts, etc.

      More and more destinations around the world are focusing to attract Chinese tourists since China has officially become the top market in the world for outbound tourism and spending.

      We speak the Chinese language and understand Chinese market trends. We have exclusive knowledge in what Chinese travelers want and how to reach them in an environment that is very different from the rest of the world. Let us help drive Chinese travelers to your specific brands and locations.

    • We help to strengthen the ‘magnetism’ of locations to attract greater FDI and global talent to: cities, provinces, country, industrial parks, special economic zones, science parks, research facilities, tech clusters, etc.

      Greater inflows of foreign investments for cities and regions help achieve a sustainable high trajectory of economic growth. We work with development agencies and regional governments from around the world who need effective promotion and brand management tools to powerfully influence investor location decisions.

    • We help strengthen local cultures to give locations and institutions a distinctive appeal.

      Many city leaders firmly understand that cultural prowess and economic success are increasingly interlinked. Our powerful methods of analysis followed by applied strategy help to capture and strengthen the cultural elements for both old and young cities. Our aim is to create real cultural assets and activities to modernize cities with distinction. The results lead to greater tourism arrivals, global talent, improves the city image, and enhances local quality of life.

      Definition of Culture by UNESCO: “Culture should be regarded as the set of distinctive spiritual, material, intellectual and emotional features of society or a social group, and that it encompasses, in addition to art and literature, lifestyles, ways of living together, value systems, traditions and beliefs.”

    • "Made in" matters to consumers: (export promotion, cultural products, agriculture, manufacturing production, design, commodities, art).

      Country of Origin is the term used to describe where products originate. We help our public and private sector clients understand the opportunities they have to create competitive advantage and differentiation to boost local sales or global exports. Our specialized approaches helps ‘brands’ to develop unique narratives interlinked with their place-of-origin, which leads to unique commercial advantage for both the product and the place.

      Well-known examples include: (Belgium chocolate, German engineering, Chilean wine, Cuban cigars, Italian olive oil, French perfume, Hangzhou green tea, Swiss watches, Fiji water).

    • Masterplanning/Architecture aren’t just about drawings, grids or blocks. Masterplanning should also be about telling the story of the distinct nature of an area and where it is going; its role, its offer, its meaning and brand identity.

      We uniquely help urban development projects to be designed with their surrounding identity in mind in order to become an architecture or experience that could not exist anywhere else. We collaborate with developers by working with their architects and their other designers such as lighting or interior to assure that they are also designing a ‘sense of place’ that will truly standout and embody local identity. Our service is critical for the built environment to avoid mass sameness, as urbanization shows no signs of slowing down.

    • We help to humanize infrastructure projects to have a greater impact on a city’s international standing. (Transportation networks, high-speed rail, airports, bridges, pedestrian scale lighting, smart city technologies, etc.)

      As all cities gear up for the global economic demands of the future, they are undertaking major infrastructure projects to build competiveness. We are helping add greater value to these infrastructure projects, such as a bridges or subway extensions by assuring they don’t build sameness, but rather reinforce the character of their local identity. In other words, we help infrastructure projects become much more than function by characterizing them to become iconic assets that can greatly leverage the effectiveness of promoting the ambitious plans and economic growth of cities.

    • The lifeblood of all locations is their population and their openness to the ideas and energy that new people can bring. We work with location stakeholders (companies/government) to implement highly effective and long-term strategies for attracting both firms and highly skilled knowledge workers from around the world. Our applied strategies to help attract and sustain hard working and intelligent people can literally transform our client cities.

    Launching late 2015.

    While at our city branding division we tell the stories of cities, here we help cities solve their local problems to improve the actual urban experience. Through our soon to be launched City of Humans Platform, we a organizing a broad range of urban innovators from conveners, investors, designers, governments, multinationals and citizens change-makers to converge on a shared objective for transforming cities.

    Information is power, but like all power, there are those who want to keep it for themselves.

  4. about us



    Our impact helps cities to productively engage with the world, and simultaneously shape and build them for the future.

    We Are: Story Tellers/Software Ninjas/Architects/Urban Policy Nerds/Adventurous Film-Makers/Sustainability Freaks/Economic Strategists/ Humans of Cities

    JT Singh Labs is a rapidly growing design-centric problem solving team that represents the highest of caliber and most talented leaders in their crafts. Our clients can expect passionate, tech-savvy teams to collaborate with them to create brilliant solutions.

    JT SINGH, Director of "Getting sh*t done"

    The experimental work JT Singh Labs is run under the directorship of JT Singh who founded the collaborative design studio in 2010.

    Although only 30 years old, he remains the most globally recognized pioneer in the disciplines of city-branding and the urban solutions-economy.

    Our Values

    Beauty Matters a Great Deal

    Although our Government clients may be some of the most conservative of all, our dedication to the highest quality of craft remains constant, in both our strategy and the final execution. We are obsessed with the details of design, executing both beautiful form and function.

    Thrive on Creative and Technological Risk

    (Sorry we can be a bit stiff lipped) If you would like us to share the rest of the information about our values and how we work, please email us at jt{at}jtsingh.com

    Our globally recognized work has been featured in:

    Times AI Jazeera BBC CBS
    CCTV China Daily CNN International Business TImes
    Guardian Huffington Post Mashable National Geographic
    Telegraph Washington Post The Creators Project Wired

    Information is power, but like all power, there are those who want to keep it for themselves.

  5. ideas leadership

    Thought Leadership

    Very few people have explored the urban world as JT has. Through unique global assignments, JT has gained unprecedented access to the worlds cities, industries and mega infrastructures. All of which has allowed him stockpile perspectives and insightful travels of hundreds of emerging cities leading to a rare lens on "where things are headed".

    Although conferences sometimes can be a huge time suck and of little learning value, there are a few very good ones that JT has made the time to attend and speak at. Some of them have been: World Economic Forum for Urbanization (Shanghai), New Cities Foundation (Jakarta), Innovative City Forum (Tokyo), TEDxSeoul (Seoul), etc, etc.

    Contact JT Singh for speaking at jt@jtsingh.com

    Featured intellectual pieces authored by JT Singh:

    Effective City Branding
    The Spirit of Hong Kong’s Diversity
    The Ethos of Cities: The Spirit of Singapore’s Diversity
    Chinese cities show up on the global radar
    China’s investment in infrastructure is exactly what made Alibaba’s IPO possible

    Information is power, but like all power, there are those who want to keep it for themselves.