1. Urban Innovations + Platform Thinking + Media Artistry

    JT Singh Labs designs and launches innovative digital assets for cities and urban innovators worldwide. Pushing the boundaries of transformative technologies: cloud, social and mobile for the purpose of productively upgrading the quality of life and environmental health of urban areas.

    We work with clients and partners all over the world.

  2. about jt singh


    Toronto born (globally programmed), JT Singh is a digital platform architect, media artist and innovation strategist focused on the urban sphere. His team at JT Singh Labs based in Shanghai executes experimental Digital Technologies + Global Development + Artistry initiatives to enable digital citizens to powerfully engage with the rest of the world.

    JT has explored hundreds of emerging cities with eyes wide open and advises government leaders in North America, Asia, and Europe, including Shanghai, Tokyo, Toronto, Tianjin and Fuzhou. His creative work and intellectual contributions have appeared in numerous international publications, including the BBC, Time, National Geographic, CNN, Washington Post, The Creators Project, Al Jazeera, Mashable, Quartz, China Daily, The Guardian, etc.

    Featured intellectual pieces
    authored by JT Singh

    Effective City Branding

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    The Spirit of Hong Kong’s Diversity

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    The Ethos of Cities: The Spirit of Singapore’s Diversity

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    Chinese cities show up on the global radar

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    China’s investment in infrastructure is exactly what made Alibaba’s IPO possible

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  3. digital/spatial projects


    BIG digital/spatial experiences for real urban impact.

    We collaborate with local Governments and urban-based innovators with a focus on creating public benefits to large populations. With internal R&D capacity, we experiment with pioneering techniques using film, design, social platform and a myriad of other tools to create real world impact outcomes.

    Although Government clients may be some of the most conservative of all, we have a knack for transforming them to thrive on technological and creative risks. As a result, our dedication to the highest quality of craft remains constant, in both our strategy and the final execution. We are obsessed with the details of design, executing both beautiful form and function.

    JT Singh’s globally recognized work have been featured in:

    Select projects related to economic and cultural development for cities.
    More to be updated soon.

    Walk In Shanghai

    Shanghai, China

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    Invest Fuzhou

    Fuzhou, China

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    This is Shanghai


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    Enter Pyongyang

    Pyongyang City

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    Elegant Strength

    Vilnius City

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    More Projects coming...

  4. expert leadership


    Keynote Speaking | Fireside Chat | Q&A

    JT Singh is an entertaining, thought-provoking leading practitioner rooted in the notion of disruptive digital technologies, the internet of things, and the solutions economy focused on cities and citizens. JT will leave your audience entertained, motivated, and begging for more.

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