We are media wizards

We are coder geeks

We are urban planners

We are cinematographers

We are placemakers

We are UX/UI designers

We are yogis

We are ninjas

We are mystics

We Reinvented City Branding to be about Real World Problem Solving (not logos, advertising or other superficial marketing nonsense).

JT Singh Labs is an award winning collaborative firm, globally recognized for bridging the gaps between the built environment, artistry, and digital tech. Many of our cross-disciplinary solutions are innovative firsts and often sets the standard for the rest of the creative world.

With exponential empathy, we invent magical assets for urban reinvention, and craft entirely new perspectives about urban civilizations. Under the directorship of JT Singh, each and every project is executed with custom-tailored teams of thoughtful, meticulous problem solvers.

To learn more about our approaches here at JT Singh labs, you can reach out to us 😉


impact billions

We believe that we exist to impact humankind and fix the mess we’re in. The world doesn’t need another social, mobile, but mind-numbing piece of bullshit. It needs each and everyone of us to show up and create meaningful things to improve the lives of billions of people, deliver greater value and without damaging the ecosystem.

We don't like
incremental changes

Incremental change isn’t good enough for the exponential technological era we currently live in. We are all about destroying bureaucracy, old-boy-networks, antiquated business practices and anything else that gets in the way of getting shit done. But even when we can’t (yet), we don’t surrender to the status quo. We find clever ways (and hacks) around it.

Pay it forward
& have fun

Knowledge enables. We view the vast collective knowledge of the Internet to be our personal arsenal to address cities’ ills. Openly share, collaborate, comment, discuss, love. Also when it comes down to it – having fun is the only thing that matters. Of course stress is not always a bad thing, but without fun, stress is hurtful and not productive.

We all must
join forces

We believe in deep collaboration and cross pollination. Hence, we see nothing as competition, but as complementary in an ecosystem. Transforming the world is a global community sport and more than ever before we need to have and demonstrate genuine willingness to work together with the people around us and on the other side of the planet to enable collective actions at scale.