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I’m a millennial obsessed about bringing together the two biggest levers for changing people’s lives at scale – technology and cities. I holistically explore the urban landscape from a technological, political, economic and cultural point of view. My exponential deep dives zoom in and out of cities to rigorously investigate their micro + macro realities via investigative methods of ethnography, anthropology and by basically walking, walking and walking. In the end, I discover both the ‘known unknowns’ and the ‘unknown unknowns’ about the ‘urban cosmos’.

Put simply, the accumulation of heard-earned insights about the desires, fears, and the constantly changing needs of city society, adds a magically relatable, experiential and “human” quality to all my outputs – enabling deeply felt empathy about the biggest issues of our urban era.

I work both at the atom and bit sides of urban reinvention with top urban development executives, urbantech startup founders and government leaders in North America, Asia, and Europe, including the governments of Shanghai, Tokyo, Toronto, Tianjin, Jakarta, Fuzhou, Vilnius and more. I’m honoured to have my work featured in thousands of media publications, including the BBC, Time, National Geographic, CNN, Washington Post, The Creators Project, Al Jazeera, Mashable, Quartz, China Daily, The Guardian, etc.

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  • “The divisional concepts of so-called ‘developed or developing cities’ are over-simplistic as they imply that there is a kind of technological end to societal/urban development. Digital tech has only scratched the surface for transforming city life, and as we’re already seeing, tech is enabling entire new patterns of urban experiences to become possible. This literally means that every city on the planet is in hyper development mode. Ironically, it is the so-called ‘developed world’ that has to play major catch-up in urban innovation, because now poorer cities can leap frog ahead of richer ones since they can easily skip the fixed-line tech of the 20th century and move straight to digital tech of the 21st. The biggest example being China’s high-speed rail system that makes America’s look ancient…” – JT Singh


  • “Digital technology is now repurposing every major touchpoint of our urban lives. Master resources such as energy, critical services such as healthcare and education, public constructs such as telecommunications and mass transit – all of it will go from heavy infrastructure to light infrastructure or even infrastructure gadgets. Agile market players that are far more quicker and effective than big-resource companies or government agencies are at the centre of this urban revolution.” – JT Singh

  • “Digital innovation is ready to transform city living. A wave of geeks, techies and designers are entering the urbanization services cluster, and aggressively reinventing everything from logistics, housing, transportation, access to healthcare, education, government services and basically everything that civilization is based on.” – JT Singh